Somebody Does Well In This Economy

At the first sign of our mortgage and economic crises, I have no trouble imagining the leaders of Rit Dye rubbing their hands together, ready for an increase in sales. Because I’m pretty sure that economic declines lead people to be thrifty in all areas. Alas, they still want to look good and that leads them to reuse and recycle in ways they’ve never explored. And, sure enough, I discovered “Rit’s Upcycling Challenge” on the Rit Dye Web site. A recent Lucky magazine issue bears out this trend. It devotes a whole six pages to redying clothes that fit well but are in ugly colors, and even redying leather shoes and handbags. There’s even a Lucky video on how to dye clothing. Very tempting: Don’t you have a few pairs of shoes that are comfy but the wrong color?
As a pre-teen, I loved dying things. My favorite color to dye was blue. But I was reasonably fearful of my mother walking in, so I scheduled my dye jobs for when she was out for several hours. I carefully rinsed out the washer machine and any pots, and I still don’t think she knows! But now I’m a grownup, and I have little time to cleanup, much less plan out projects. Oh wait — I spend a lot of time sewing. So that argument doesn’t work. Okay, perhaps like many beginners to new things I’m afraid of making a mistake. How about you: have you dyed anything — successfully or disastrously?

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