Sale of JoAnn Fabrics Still News in These Parts

Stopping in to JoAnn’s recently to buy some notions, I asked two employees (separately) if they had heard the news that JoAnn’s was sold to private equity firm Leonard Green last week. See my first story here: JoAnn Fabrics Sold. The first said no — she had just returned from vacation. The second also didn’t know, and didn’t know that the company had been public before the buyout. *Sigh.* I guess as long as the paychecks keep coming, it won’t matter much to them. But I’m still hoping for some improvement to the fabric quality and more emphasis on apparel sewing rather than crafts. What would you like to see at JoAnn’s? I would really love to hear your thoughts — just type a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Sale of JoAnn Fabrics Still News in These Parts

  1. I would love to see Joann’s upgrade their garment fabric selection. I *do* think it has been getting a teensy better in the past year – but the proportion of junk:quality is still way too high IMHO. Keepingmy fingers crossed for a better 2011!

    1. Agreed, Maris — a different proportion is in order. Thanks for your comments. They have some more interesting novelty apparel fabrics, but the cottons are still poor.

  2. There is most definitely a need for BIG changes in all JoAnn stores, okay there’s only three in Las Vegas, the fabric department is too small, and do we really need such a HUGE selection of fleece? I’d also like to see a better selection of yarns and knitting/crochet accessories. The books and magazine’s should be available in the department’s they pertain to, not just at the front of the store. Frankly the stores need to be completely over-hauled and re-organized. I hope it happens!!

    1. I hope you get what you want, too! Thanks for your comments. I love the “Do we really need such a HUGE selection of fleece?” You’re about the third person to comment about the abundance of fleece!

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