Welcome to My New Sewing Room

My new sewing room is coming along. Only one issue: I now have one fewer bedrooms in my house! Oops. Perhaps my subconscious is saying, “Everyone out!”? My inspiration from Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space continues, even though I’m not a quilter. It all began with this post: Measure Your Fabric… Say Whaaaat?. And it continued with Folding Fabric. Folding fabric, I have to say, turned out to be the most immensely rewarding thing I did for my sewing situation. If you are not even planning a redo, make a date with that fabric anyway. Just sit down, in front of the TV if you prefer, with a pile of fabric and the right size ruler (described in this post). Being able to see your fabric folded will make you will feel so organized!

SoundStitches New Sewing Room
SoundStitches New Sewing Room

6 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Sewing Room

  1. It’s lovely and for the record, extra bedrooms are overrated. We’re in the process of turning ours into hubby’s photo studio. Now to just get him busy! g

    1. Thank you. Well I’m only worried that all the friends I offered a room to will come a’calling… I hope the photo biz gets busy!

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