Letter to My Husband

**Update: I survived, and finished the garment, waiting until my husband tried it on for hem and sleeve length. Here it is pre-hemming. Bamboo knit fabric from Stitches.**
Dear Husband,
I’m so glad that your long business trip was postponed. I love having you around. On the other hand, how am I going to finish all of your gifts when you are regularly coming home from work, setting your stuff down and generally living in the spots where I had planned to lay everything out and work on projects at my leisure? In fact, I hadn’t started anything! Instead, in our precious evening hours, when we so charmingly ignore each other, working on our individual projects, I work secretively, hoping you’re not about to get up to get more coffee, at which point I will have to quietly stuff everything under the sewing machine table. Thankfully, almost everything is black and — as yet — non-descript.
Again, it’s so wonderful to have you home and I willingly called off all the bribed babysitters that keep me sane when you travel. All your gifts will be revealed — all too soon.
Your Wife


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