Custom Skirt Pattern Results

Custom-Made Skirt
Custom-Made Skirt

My second attempt at a custom skirt pattern resulted in this nice skirt. (My husband snapped the picture before we headed out for his co-workers’ Hanukkah party.) The fabric is a quilting cotton I purchased at The Quilting Loft. The squares are highlighted in gold, which unfortunately doesn’t show well in either picture. The fabric is quite lovely. I continue to need to refine the pattern’s waist, which has now twice turned out a little big. I’m not really “hippy,” nor do I have an enviable skinny waist. I guess darts are the answer.
My first attempt at this custom-skirt thang was in cotton velvet. Mmmm, sumptious. I talked about the pattern-making process for this really simple skirt in Copying Garnet Hill. I really encourage a try. It’s thrifty, it’s custom and could lead to lots and lots of variations, permitting you more ventures to acquire fabric!

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