Folding Fabric

There’s nothing I like better than sitting on the floor in my sewing area, patterns around me and possible fabric combinations. It both excites and calms me. With this end in mind, I’ve decided that my open shelving unit should be devoted to folded fabric. I continue to be inspired to “create my perfect space,” as described in my earlier post, Measure Your Fabric… Say Whaaat?. When finished, my fabric should be neatly displayed and I should be able to “go shopping” in my own stash.
I’ve already folded some smaller pieces neatly, and they fit into my existing clear boxes. I’m left with some scraps that I just need to let go of! (By donating them, not piling them up in another corner!)
I’m too cheap to buy the special Omnigrid 8 1/2″ x 24″ ruler that author Lois Hallock describes as the perfect folding tool, so I’m scrounging around the house for something that will work. (Maybe some new linoleum scraps from my husband’s recent kitchen project.)
The non-fabric items that are currently on the shelves will go into the drawers. My pattern stash occupies one whole drawer and someday I’ll have to tackle it too. In the meanwhile, color and fabric rule!


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