Ballard’s Quilting Loft has a notion… or two

I was so excited to bump into the Quilting Loft’s new notions displays recently. Ballard’s classy quilting shop has crisp fabrics that are a good fit for a beginning sewing project, but previously I could not recommend it to my sewing lesson clients because it wasn’t a “one-stop shop” that had all the items on my supplies list. Should the shop not have the one or two items you need, it’s only a short walk or drive to the larger JoAnn’s. (But please don’t shop there first! — the fabric selection and range of expertise is markedly inferior. And it would defeat my mission of showing you around Seattle’s awesome resources.)
It’s hard for a small store to invest in a lot of inventory, so I’m so pleased that they made the leap of confidence! Combined with the crisp cotton fabrics (corduroy and flannel too!), the Quilting Loft is worth a trip.
Please mention SoundStitches blog.

The Quilting Loft
2601 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA 98107, (206) 706-0445

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