In Search of Sewing Sites

I’m prowling for new (to me) sewing Web sites. What are your favorites? Do you frequent any Web sites to download free patterns? Has anyone seen a site where you can list your fabric stash?
Leave a comment with your picks and I’ll compile for your post-Thanksgiving food coma pleasure.


3 thoughts on “In Search of Sewing Sites

  1. Did you check out ravelry? many knitters and crocheters also have sewing projects in their prersonal “notebook” But fabric and sewing isn’t the main feature. I tried doing searches and kind find anything to compare, so I am awaiting to find out what you learn

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I do need to check that out — as soon as my parents are off! It sounds like a great site — I will let you know what I discover!

    2. Hi Clare, getting back to you about I did like and signed up for Makes me want to be a knitter! I don’t think there is anything similar for sewing, though I recently decided I like It’s a fairly clean and simple site for seeing patterns — see if you like it. Happy New Year!

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