Stylin’ and Insulatin’ Curtains





We’ve got a mid-century home with almost no entryway. I wanted a curtain that would keep the heat in but look good while we and guests hung out in the living room. I have made a number of curtains in my lifetime, but I have to say this time I actually followed the directions! My Simplicity home decorating book is outdated (think poofy valances!) but has great old-school directions.
Here’s one difference between apparel sewing and home dec sewing: When you make a hem in any direction, it’s doubled over. In contrast, when you make a sleeveless dress, you often only press to the inside and topstitch, or add a binding. You don’t have to turn over once, then again. In home dec, this makes a curtain more substantial and professional-looking.
Anyway, I like the print and can tell the heat difference already.

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