Seattle Chapter Banquet

Elizabeth's custom bear pattern realized

I had a great time at the annual meeting for the American Sewing Guild Seattle chapter. I could have sat there all day and have people swish by my chair, modeling what they made for the contest! There was a beautifully-tailored red wool coat, a long sweater coat sewn of zig-zaggy sweater material, and an Alice in Wonderland formal complete with felt hearts. Then there was the non-garment category, with stuffed bears, elephants, and quilts held high by their proud creators around the dining tables. It reminds me how simple my projects often are — and I know that’s okay too!
It was my first banquet, but the chapter was celebrating its 10th anniversary with great chocolate and carrot bread cakes.
Sewing can be a lonely sport. If you’d like to share your sewing stories with others, find a local chapter here: American Sewing Guild

These baby pants won for "employing multiple techniques"

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