Pantone’s Top Ten Colors for Apparel, Fall 2010

Pantone Colors Fall 2010
Pantone Colors Fall 2010


It’s hard to believe, but manufacturers of every consumer good imaginable at some point have to decide: “What color will we make this object? What color will most evoke the reaction we want?” Manufacturers look to Pantone, the color company that determines the trends of colors for objects from plastics to — you guessed it — clothing.
If you look at a sewing pattern and say, “I’d like to sew that!” your next thought is likely to be: “What color should I make it in?” You’re guided by your own likes, of course. And hopefully you have some idea which colors look good next to your skin.
But maybe a little part of you — or a BIG part of you — wants to be fashionable. The colors in the graphic above are the “Top 10 Colors For Women’s Fashion for Fall 2010.” says “Designers continue to exhibit a degree of caution for fall 2010.” (I’m assuming they mean designers are cautious in observance of the poor economy, but one really is not sure!)
Truth be told, I’m not very fashionable. But I have always been fascinated with color. In college I got a hold of a copy of the book Color Me Beautiful and “diagnosed” myself a Spring when I was in college. Knowing what colors I look good in has been a great time and money saver. If you were to have a look in my closet, the only color in it that Color Me Beautiful author Carole Jackson warned me away from is black. Black! Of course, that’s the most fashionable color of all! So as you can see I’m doomed to be chipper and Spring-y no matter how “cautious” the design world is feeling.
Pantone’s Executive Director is Leatrice Eiseman, and she lives in Washington state. She gives color seminars so you too can become a color expert. I was alerted to this fact by the owner of Haven Color, Anne Viggiano. Anne is a color expert and super nice person who created a color palette for the outside of my home. I knew she was a kindred spirit when she told me about Eiseman’s seminars!
Pantone is off to forecasting the next season already. Guess which one? Spring, of course!

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