The Classic Sheath Dress

Hawaiian print
Hawaiian print sheath dress

When it comes to sheath dresses, you don’t have to buy the most modern pattern because the style is a classic. So I chose a pattern I’ve had since the Nineties. I’ve had this Hawaiian fabric since my mom’s last work trip there maybe eight years ago.
Here’s a picture of the back side before being sewn to the front. Can you see the zipper? No, I didn’t think so! (Very proud of my zipper work here!)
Of course, it will be too chilly to wear for very long this season. I cut it rather short so maybe leggings would make it into the tunic look. It’s really more ethnic than summery.

Closeup of Hawaiian Fabric

One thought on “The Classic Sheath Dress

  1. I’m Kris’ Mom. I taught her some things about sewing when she was a teenager, but now she’s teaching me.
    This summer, when she visited, she helped me learn how to use a new sewing machine. I hadn’t had a new one in 30 years, so I really lost! Kris was patient and helpful, and before I knew it, I was able to use my new machine easily. I know all the basics, and the next time she is here, I’ll ask her to help me with some of the more exotic things this new machine can do! She’s a great teacher!

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