Strip Quilting

Easy Quilt Piecing
How to make an easy quilt

No, there’s no undressing going on here or even any betting… Today my topic is quilting, and easy methods for quilting.
Seamsters Versus Quilters
First let me say that I am not much of a quilter. To me, the world of sewing almost seems to fall into those who like to sew clothes and those who like to quilt. I fall into the first category. A little bit here, a little bit here won’t break a top and it might even make it fit better. But a misplaced seam would throw a quilt off quite a bit. Many quilters are good at math, and they like the exactness required. Second, when I tackle a quilt, I want it to be simple. (Maybe I will post some pictures from a quilt I was roped into making for my child’s favorite bears recently…)
So, one of my sewing clients wants to make a quilt for a friend who is adopting a baby. The friend is a good quilter, making the project more intimidating for my client! At our first meeting, Erin had printed out instructions for a simple quilt. It was pretty simple, but I suggested something a little simpler.
Bet on Simple Squares
Your first quilt should be simple squares. Remember that if you make it too complicated, you might never finish, and you might never want to tackle a quilt again! So leave the triangles and complicated pieces for a later attempt. Erin’s fabric is so cute — pink ladybugs and blue flowers. Erin plans to add a contrasting binding and ties, so there’s no need to go complicated. 
Here’s some information on strip quilting that I saw online, that explains the method Erin and I are using: Here you can see that you start out with two colors, and cut out and sew together strips that are equal widths. Then you turn them sideways and cut into squares. Voila! It already looks like the quilt it will be. Of course, I’m summarizing a few steps, and even this simple method takes some time, another reason for keeping it simple.


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