100 Item Challenge From a Distance

The last few days have been occupied by sewing lessons and kid care. This morning I read the 100 Thing Challenge. I’m quite inspired, and the guy seems to be raising a family too. Well, it’s hard to be a sewer and own only one hundred things, although I note that even the author, “GuynamedDave,” assigns “categories” to items such as undergarments so that he can own more than one pair and not count them all towards the 100 things.
The last few years have been decluttering years for us, as we moved from one area where housing was cheap to one where square footage is costing us some in retirement savings!
Some sewers I have known have been clutter-collecters. On the other hand, they often create wondrous things out of the clutter. So for the moment I’m devoted to making something out of my “clutter,” and that includes finishing the birthday dress for my girl (see earlier post), and making a new green knit top for myself.
What have you been up to?


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