How do I find the time?

Domestic bliss

Sometimes people sigh when I tell them I enjoy sewing. “I wish I had time,” they say. I’ll try to answer the question, “How do you find the time?” in this post. Frankly, I sometimes neglect my other household duties. My husband will second this! I’d rather be sewing than cooking. But really, sometimes I commit to doing something on a project for just 15 minutes. It could be pinning the next seam, or it could be staring at the instruction sheet to see what’s next.

Sometimes I sew while watching television or a movie, and this has me cutting out a pattern, or pinning, or sewing for about an hour and a half. My husband will work on his computer across the room. Sometimes we will not have anything on the television, and of course this gives me the freedom to remind him of all the things we have going on in our lives!  

What other things do you do while watching television? If so, you could switch to sewing. Do you like reading instead? Well, it’s hard to stitch and read, of course, but consider getting audio books from the library.

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